Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drive-by posting...

Out tonight and the next two or three (plus the whole Shabbat thing) [well, assuming I have the energy... seriously considering skipping some stuff - missed last week's Hebrew class so I really need to go tonight....but I'd rather go to bed.....] .... but wanted to say that I got a secret pal package today and WOW --- just about even better than the Loopy Ewe gift certificate (which I haven't used yet....still way down on ability to concentrate.....). More when I find the camera ;-)

[Ugh... was tired and headachy enough that I'd forgotten no class last stayed home and went to bed early.....but I did find the camera, so will post pictures from the wonderful yarn swap packages I've gotten very soon -- maybe this evening, if I decide that I don't have the energy for knit night after today's dr. appt......]

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Marla said...

Hi! Glad to see you're feeling so much better now. Could you please PM me or Cindy on Rav? TY! ;)