Thursday, March 12, 2009


Finally..... I'm actually beginning to feel better. Lots of antibiotics and various such drugs have -- after what seems like forever -- kicked in. For the first time in weeks, other than one day earlier this week (when I went to a megilla reading and Purim party but left early enough that I was home and in bed by 9 or so.....), I'm actually home from work at the regular time and haven't fallen asleep ;-) This whole flu and sinus/throat/ear infection has had me about the sickest I've ever been - as bad as when I had pneumonia a few years ago. Icky!

But I do think that I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel at last. No temperature today, throat no longer hurts to talk, headache-y but it's not pounding (yes, that's a decided improvement!!!!).

The bad news: I've run through way too much of this year's sick time at work already. I have pretty much not touched knitting needles in a month..... nor have I really finished a book.... I've read bits and pieces but I either fall asleep or can't concentrate and lose my place. Ugh. Missed several books on hold as I didn't get to the library to pick them up in the week they give you.

The good news: Seth didn't catch any of it, so he's been healthy. And, thanks to his assistance, I don't have any overdue library books nor is there too big a stack of laundry ;-)

Jez's view of the world: me getting well is not an improvement, as she has liked having a (100+deg) body curled up either on the den sofa or the bed to warm her old paws on ;-) Maybe I'll need to bribe her.....catnip and cheeseburgers both work.....

jez and the nip

Jez with burger 3

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