Friday, November 28, 2008

A day off....

Having a day off from work has its pleasures.....

Chicken (whole kosher chickens were on sale the other at one of the grocery stores I was in) in the crock pot:

After Seth left for work (he's taking next Friday off to go to OH for something, so working today) and before Dad (visiting for the long weekend; since he's schedule is more flexible, we make him come to us grin) emerged from the bedroom, I started challah - one of those things I'd prefer to do every week but only seem to get around to on special occasions.....It was a wonderful experience this morning - peaceful and quiet....

While the challah was rising, I did some cleaning, sneaking off for a few minutes at one point to play at Geograph - link shows the shepherd's cottage my great grandmother grew up in. Now have three more bags of stuf for the dumpster or the Re-Uzit shop.

After getting dad's lunch, I need to decide if I'm going to a yarn shop or if I'm going snuggle up with a book in an afghan Mum made (Dad gave one to Ted and one to me on our last Buffalo trip.... he kept a couple for himself). She made lots of these, making up the pattern in her head as she went along.....hard choice I've got there ;-)

And how has Dad spent the morning?

So much for his supposed stance against spoiling pets ;-)

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