Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And he's moved....

We moved Dad out of the old house (the one I grew up in) to his new condo on Friday, then spent much of Saturday and Sunday getting things in order. Lots of hefting and hoisting and so on (and way too much squeezing books into too little space for them.............), but we made a good start on getting things livable by the time we left on Sunday.

[Place holder for pictures when I'm out of dial-up exile.......OK, back now - a small selection of highlights here while the whole process is documented here.]

Next post: yarn shop expeditions and moose sightings in the (almost) north woods of New England.


Nicole said...

Congratulations! I hope he is happy in his new condo. I bet you are feeling better too.

Grandma J said...

So glad he had you and Ted to help!ANd happy that he can now relax and forget about it all for awhile! :)
Aunt Joni