Saturday, June 21, 2008

SP12 question of the week

This week's SP12 question of the week: In many parts of the US and abroad, school's out. Take a walk down memory lane for Week Two's question: As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

This is an easy one. 'Cuz it is still the same answer. I expect most people who know me could answer this one for me ;-) And that my brother and father have the same answer......

Maine. As soon as possible for as long as possible. My mother even ended a short story she wrote that was semi-autobiographical with the line "It's all about Maine." One of the first things I told Seth when we were getting to know each other was that I came with a place to vacation ;-)

Of course, now that we have running water and the new (and quite luxurious) cottage, in addition to the old cabin, we no longer have the potential spouse test of dealing with a vacation place with no plumbing that we had joked about for years........

A nice place to go, with nice neighbors and a town that has the essentials (book shop, yarn shop, natural food co-op, decent mini-mega grocery store, and a very nice library). What more could a person want? In my (admittedly biased and likely not so humble) opinion, there was no better place to spend childhood summers!

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