Saturday, November 24, 2007

Passport for dinner

At Dad's for the long weekend. Ted got here late on Wed. and Seth & I drove up on Thursday morning, so we went over to Ft. Erie (in Ontario, so we all had to haul our passports) for Thanksgiving dinner, as we didn't want to rush cooking a dinner.

We've spent the rest of the weekend cleaning (Ted is definitely Mum's offspring in some ways.......) - even Seth, when we can pull him away from my cousin's puppy, Ted's current dog-sitting project.

I did get into a couple LYSs and made a few (small!!!!) to come when I get home to the camera cable. I did go out Friday a.m. for a small bit of shopping (oh, do I miss Mum; I am sooooo outnumbered by the non-shopping men in my family.......) but I went mostly because there are a couple stores I wanted to get to [if Northern Reflections would open somewhere in SE PA, this type of trip wouldn't be necessary......]and I figured that early Friday would be the least crazy.

Oh, and Aunt Joni - don't worry - even though we went to Ft. Erie for Chinese Thursday evening, we made very sure that we made trifle for Dad.....wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it - although we don't follow Grandma J's pineapple juice version; we get out the sherry.........

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