Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dualities in life

OK, not quite duality....but Sunday a couple parts of my life had their chance to be in focus.

I went to Bethlehem for the Celtic Classic. Good music (pipe bands and singers), although I noticed that (at least on Sunday) there wasn't a traditional Scottish singer. I sat and listened to music for several hours while I knitted. And for Scots-Yankee me, one nice thing - it's free.....

I did pick up some new music from Rampant Lion, about the best source around for Celtic music.......I've been buying from them since I lived in Chicago in the mid-80s, and I;ve never been disappointed with their recommendations.

This visit's haul:
Best of Battlefield Band
Stone of Destiny by Steve McDonald
Sea Fever: Songs of Ships and the Sea by John Roberts (Amazon doesn't have it - one reason I dragged myself up to Bethlehem to see the Rampant Lion booth)
Scottish Tradition vol. 21: Orkney - Land, Sea & Community from the School of Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh
Gaelic Women: Ar Canan 'S Ar Ceol with various singers

I then went on to my synagogue's Sukkot carnival. Mostly aimed at kids/families but still fun - and nice to see all those kids enjoying themselves.

Speaking of children, I've finished a couple baby sweaters in the last week - and gave both away before I remembered to get the camera out.

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