Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wow - time does fly!

Time does fly when life gets crazy.....

Went to the Point for a while. Not long enough (never is.......). Got the place opened up, saw friends, had a spinning lesson at the shop in town, went to several yarn shops, swam (even a bit of skinny dipping [grin] -- one nice thing to being so isolated!), read, and overall had lots of fun. A friend flew up several days before I came home and then rode back with me, so it was great to have her around (and my dad likes her, so that means he's a bit less grumpy when she's around........).

While I was away, I also got the package from my SP10 (and Seth didn't bother to tell me about it the one time he called.........) . Turns out it was the same woman I was sending to, and she sent absolutely wonderful yarn, roving, and a gorgeous shawl she made herself. Will keep me busy for quite a while. But I left the USB cord at the Point [pout]. I'll post pictures as soon as Dad sends it or I find another one.

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