Thursday, May 24, 2007

Layers of crazy....

One of those convergence points..... with lots going on.

Shavuos has just ended. (I sometimes joke that it is the holiday designed for me.......staying up late learning and eating cheesecake {grin}....what could be better? Especially coming after Pesach and all its cleaning........). So now the next next holiday is several months away. Guess we'll just have to survive on having Shabbat {joke}.

Busy at work, busy at home. Crazy everywhere.

And the knitting schedule has gotten off track - mostly my fault, as I keep tinkering with the pattern I designed for a shawl using some yarn from Maryland Sheep and Wool: Seduction (color: carbon dating) from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Yummy. I also started another shawl in a gorgeous deep purple rare breed (Wensleydale) that I'm loving. Using the Landscape pattern from Fiber Arts that someone else in my knitting group had liked enough to use three times recently. Easy enough to be tv knitting but enough interest to make a nice shawl. But it is also off track because a friend had her baby 7 weeks early, so the baby stuff moved up the queue...... (Mother and baby are both doing well.)

Spent a good chunk of last week at a professional conference. Minneapolis was nice - mostly spent my time at the convention center but did get to see the Mississippi (not that impressive there, says the girl who grew up a stone's throw from the Niagara) and get to a yarn shop -- which was in a neighborhood with a heavy Somali population, so I had lunch at a Somali restaurant. Went to several interesting sessions, including one on what we can learn from road signs about how people negotiate the visual world. I've somehow gotten myself involved in a minor leadership position, so I did do a fair bit of shmoozing.......especially for me, shy introvert that I am! [I am too a shy introvert! (Yael, you can stop laughing now........)]

Went through O'Hare on the way back from Minneapolis. Realized it was the first time in Chicago since I graduated from college (all my other westward travel had either been direct flights or with connections in places like Pittsburgh, Detroit, or St. Louis) -- when Jez was an itty-bitty (and nice!) kitten. And she'll be 19 this summer...... Didn't get to leave the airport (an absolute madhouse!) but was really reminded why I used to take the train........

I'm discovering (well, rediscovering....) the joy of ebooks. Got a bunch recently, after none in a couple years, and so I now have about 90 books on the handheld that is smaller than one mass market paperback. Makes traveling light much easier! But I do still indulge in dead-tree books. Got a couple today, as a matter of fact. It just happened that there was the start of a long traffic back-up on the way home from work that just happened to be at the exit for the local Barnes & Noble.... the pull was just too irresistible {grin}.

Drat! The Sabres have once again exited the play-offs early.


Kerry said...

Time for an update please. :-)

Philly Farmgirl said...

:::still laughing btw:::

OK, I have tagged you. Stop grimacing and just play along, I did. Check out my blog for the rules.

PrincezLeah613 said...

Hi BJ just sayiong hello from Lancaster Pa When is the next trip to NY?
By By Leah aka Linda

BJ said...

Great minds think alike.....I was thinking about the fact that I really need a trip to NYC soon as I was driving to work today.