Thursday, July 12, 2007


Well, Yael tagged me with the 8 things thingy, so I've racked my brain to come up with these.....She also tagged everyone I would have.........

1. I really dislike using the phone. Will go waaaaay out of my way to avoid it, if I can. Was an early adopter of email for that reason.

2. I'm a bit thrifty. Honest Abe's been known to scream when a penny is in my possession. I love thrift stops and I'll drive cars 'til they drop. (One of the hardest parts of Shabbat for me - skipping yard sales!) Interestingly, I'm as liable to get things for other people as myself when I paw through thrift shops.
Interestingly, the love of thrift shops is matched by an equal hatred for clothes shopping and I avoid it whenever I can. However, despite this, I have waaaaaaay to many clothes -- enough for me and my 7 closest friends. (How did this happen? The combination of liking thrift stores and the fact that when I do go shopping I tend to buy a fair amount in one trip so i can put off the pain for the next trip for longer. I've finally gotten to the point that I have enough that things rarely wear out now.)

3. I love floor plans. I have books with them and I look at them on-line. I've designed a couple hundred houses for myself since I started doodling when I was 8 or 10.

4. I'm mentally organized but the physical reality of getting things into the right place is often lost to more interesting things like a new book or some soft yarn.

5. I am able to go into a book or yarn store and not buy anything. Actually happens about 1/3 of the time.

6. I really like skinny dipping in the lake at the Point. The water is really soft and it feels amazingly good. (One of the first things I said to Seth not long after we met was that I came with a built-in vacation spot.........)

7. I love feeding people. I can cook for a couple dozen without thinking about it. But cooking for two is hard....and when the other half of the two doesn't really care about food, it makes it even harder......

8. I'm ambidextrous and tend to to things with the hand that the person taught me used. Irritated the instructor when I took tennis lessons as a pre-teen - I would switch hands with the racket instead of having a backhand.

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