Thursday, November 23, 2006

Not quite what we'd planned

It isn't quite what we'd planned but Ted, Seth and I are safely in Buffalo. Seth and I got here at 8:15 last evening, and got in to see Dad briefly despite the visiting hours being over at 8.

He didn't look as bead as I'd expected. He may have the beginnings of pneumonia, so they've added an anti-biotic to the IV and put him on oxygen, to try to nip that in the bud. He did sound better on the phone this morning

When ted asked what he could bring dad yesterday, Dad's reply was "a good meal" so we've gone and gotten some supplies to take him some food, as the nurse says that's ok. We figure some tea and good Thai will improve his mood ;-) and the surprsie of trifle this evening will go even further in that effort!

The house wasn't quite as bad as I'd pictured, either, as he had started cleaning for the book group meeting that had been scheduled here for next Monday. But Ted & I are still shaking our heads and commenting on how appalled (but not surprised - she did live with Dad for 40 years, after all) Mum would be. But we've had the vacuum running and filled a few waste paper baskets already, with more to come.

We did get an appt. with a realtor for tomorrow afternoon, which we will keep even if Dad isn't home yet, as we don't want to lose the momentum on that.

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