Sunday, September 03, 2006

Checking in from dial-up-land

Last night at the Point for the year, as I'm leaving first thing in the morning. Always a sad day.....closing up is so hard to do (pout, pout, pout) but much easier than when we were kids (no more having to carry everything up the hill to the car, a.k.a. offspring as pack mules........)

Didn't get as much knitting done as I'd hoped, but did get to Halcyon Yarn, Romney Ridge Farm, Korner Knitters, Pine Tree Yarns, the Irish Ewe, and Nezinscot Farm Store (I think that's all of them. Edited to add: Oops, it isn't. Also went to Ewe and Me at Cook's Corner in Brunswick.). Bought yarn at all of them.......and all are very worth a stop if you are in the area. (I also went into 3 stores on the day in Boston but didn't get anything at those; smaller selections, of things I can get at home for similar or lower prices. Despite what some people may think, I am completely capable of leaving a yarn store without buying anything!) Also managed to get in a fair bit of dyeing (set-up is better here than at home for dyeing; pictures later, when I'm not hampered by a sloooooooooooowwww dial-up connection) and some reading.

Yesterday we had a half dozen people to lunch. Did up a fairly simple meal (bbq chicken, a couple salads, and cheesecake {made by Ted}) and had a wonderful time with the company.

I keep reminding myself of two good upcoming things, to make leaving less hard:
  • I get friend-to-be-named-later all to myself for the day tomorrow, as we are driving back home together. (Yup, I'm greedy.......)
  • My secret pal package with the reveal should be waiting for me (assuming the USPS is anywhere near somewhat efficient) when I get home. Her previous packages have been so wonderful that I'm really looking forward to seeing what she did this time. I'd hoped it would come before I left but (as Mum frequently remonded us) delayed gratification is a good thing!

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