Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What's on in my world: lots of (variously sized) ups, one big(!!) down

I suppose I could call this details on my so-called life.....

Let's see, first, a big thanks! to my secret pal, as she sent me a pin in my favorite colors:

Given how the last couple days have been, coming home to this in the mailbox was a definite good thing!! I'm not a big jewelry wearer (the years with the Anabaptists did warp me, plus I'm not a morning person and so often just forget to look if something matches) but I have a few treasured pieces that I wear on special occasions and this will definitely be in that category -- it's perfect to go with one particular scarf I have!

More of what's gone right:

A week ago, Seth and I went down to see the kid brother, as it was his birthday. We went to An Inconvenient Truth, which was really well done; I heartily recommend it to everyone.

While Seth was discovering the latest anti-intellectualism in the US (or maybe it's just the latest anti-people-with-actual-jobs -- but the Library of Congress is now closed to the public for research on Saturdays), I went to a Korean restaurant in Tyson's Corner and had one of the best Korean meals I've ever had. I also stumbled on (I wasn't looking for it!) a yarn shop having its annual sale, so I got a skein of Helen's Lace by Lorna's laces (picture here - 4th one down). Haven't figured out what I'll use it for but just looking at the skein is nice........

Didn't do much last week other than work and go to the last class in the sock series -- and I was soooooo tired driving home from that [even though it was only 9 pm) I probably would have been sensible to have skipped it. But I had such a good time that I'm glad I didn't. Taken a bit ago, most of the first sock and my attempt to fend off second sock syndrome:

This weekend, I basically vegged out on Shabbat/Saturday, as I was still really tired. Read a really interesting book on women's Yiddish prayer called Seyder Tkhines (definitely worth a read) and fell asleep (me, not the book; it is really good) starting Rabbi Joseph Telushkin's latest book on Jewish ethics.

On Sunday, I went to Yael's (when are you going to finish the report on the trip to Israel?) for a chatty visit and had a great time. On the way home, I met a couple women who live elsewhere but were here on business who belong to an organization I belong to and had supper with them; it was nice to meet them in person after emailing for quite a while.

So, guess life doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Well, then there's this (the downer):
let me say in passing that 'female problems' stink...... and the last 36 hours have been way less than pleasant (and for those who know enough to keep score, it's now 4 in 5 years, which I suppose is, on some level, a better record than the 0 in 4 years we had the first part of our marriage..........).


KnitGal11 said...

You’re welcome! More good stuff is coming soon, I promise!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time of things lately…

Philly Farmgirl said...

The ups are super and was so glad to read them. The down...I am so sorry B...