Monday, June 05, 2006

Memorial Day weekend (part 2)

Having returned late on Saturday from the invasion of western MA, we were lazy on Sunday morning and slow to get started. The plan was to meet visiting English pifflers at a church in Center City Philadelphia. A glance at the church's website showed that the service (the church is close enough to Anglo-Catholic that the website says mass) would undoubtedly be waaaaay too high church for the UU (dad), the plain Quaker (Seth) and the UU-turned-Anabaptist-influenced-Quaker-turned-Modern- Orthodox-Jewish-would-be-convert (me), so we timed our arrival for the bell-ringing, which was very nice to listen too.

Meeting up with Simon (the piffler and bell-ringer) and his wife Karen, we had a very American lunch of pizza (it was warm enough that Dad didn't want to walk too far......the pizza place was the first acceptable restaurant we got to) and the usual delightful piffle, touching on bell-ringing, the use of forks when conuming pizza, and various other weighty matters.

Monday, we went to two picnics: lunch with the Caln worship group at a very nice state park out in southern Lancaster County and supper with Rebekah, Terry and Rose (joined for this by Ted, fresh off the AT).

More photos here.

We also squeezed in a haircut for Dad, as he hasn't been to a barber since March 1970, and we figure today's prices would likely bring on the heart attack we've been expecting for the last dozen years. (The Thanksgiving weekend a couple weeks before she died, Mum made sure I knew how to cut Dad's hair........she tried to think of eveything grin.)

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