Monday, June 05, 2006

Memorial Day weekend (part 1)

Report on the Invasion of Western Massachusetts (aka How My Family Spent the First Part of Memorial Day Weekend).

On Friday, the grumpy old general (ret.) [aka Dad] set off from Buffalo to Albany.

The same morning, the conscientious objector (every invasion needs one; Seth the Quaker in this case) drove the logistical officer (the one who planned everything, since the actual invasion force thinks plan is a four letter word of the icky variety, despite the whole invasion being his idea) to work.

The actual invasion force stopped in his march from VA long enough to pick up the logistics officer and then the conscientious objector at their respective offices. The force continued to Albany, where the general (ret.) was met. After dinner and a good night's sleep in preparation, the MA state line was crossed, the extraction point (where the Appalachian Trail meets the Mass. Pike) located, and the getaway car left.

With the whole force in one vehicle, the insertion point ( further south on the AT) was reached (having been found on an exploratory trip two years earlier) and the invasion force released into the wilderness.

With that mission accomplished, the support team took off for the MA Sheep and Wool show (not as big as MD but less overwhelming!), where supplies were replenished:

Then the troops regrouped at the conscientious objector's request {we're an equal opportunity invasion force in these parts} at the East Hoosic Quaker meetinghouse (settled by Friends from RI Dartmouth MA; last used for regular meetings in 1842; childhood home of Susan B. Anthony):

Camera in hand, the grumpy old general (ret.) enjoyed the chance to take part in the expedition for old times' sake:

After a quick stop to further replenish supplies (at Northern Reflections) , the team retreated to the safety of PA late Saturday evening.

More pictures here.

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