Thursday, January 26, 2006

Seriously need to have my head examined.......

OK, so I'm already overcommitted. That's a given (isn't it always?).

So what do I do? I go and say that I'll participate in the Knitting Olympics. Not that I don't already have three different projects in varying states of completion (non-completion?)..... and I lose 3 days of the 16 Olympic days to Shabbos.

But I like the challenge. And I'd had an idea for a poncho kicking around in my head for a bit now.

So I am either insane & need to have my head examined or I'm just overly ambitious. Take yer pick ;-)

The other question:


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Over The Rainbow said...

That's no question... it's Team Chocolate without a doubt!

And not to worry about whether or not your insane. All borderline genius' are borderline insane...LOL!!!

Hey... what are friends for?!

love, OTR