Monday, January 30, 2006

Happenings 'round 'bout here

Its been a while since I did an update post, so I guess I'll spend my lunch hour trying to remember what I've done recently.

A week ago Saturday, Seth and I played hooky from our respective religious services (his meeting gathers on Saturday evening all but one week a month) and spent the afternoon/evening together. We went to see The New World, which was very good. A few minutes in, Seth leaned over and said to me "ears of corn weren't that large then" to which I reasonably replied that he should chill -- it is, after all, just a movie. But later in the movie, there was a major historical boo-boo: they had women in Jamestown by 1608 or so, when in reality there were no European women until 1619 or so -- which was the basis of difficulties. I know, I should just chill, it is just a movie.... but that was a glaring error.

We also spemt some quality time at Barnes & Noble, using the gift certificate that my brother had given us for the winster solstice holiday.

The next day, a couple friends and I went Brooklyn, to browse and enjoy being in a Jewish neigborhood. [Another friend, being her usual wonderful self, volunteered to babysit so one of the others could go.] I didn't buy much but I had a great time, and I'm glad some of our searching paid off.

Last week, I was busy at work (yippee!) and had some sort of flu (yuck!), so I didn't get much done other than work and sleep.

This weekend, I had a quiet Shabbat (as I still wasn't feeling too well) and then had fun at AC Moore, splurging on yarn. Got enough to keep me going for a while (at 25% off, in honor of their yarn event, I still spent $50!), with the supplies for my Knitting Olympics project, an afgan, a vest, a baby afgan, and a scarf/hat/mitts set for Seth plus some misc. other yarn that I just couldn't resist ;-) One of the books I had picked up at the library last week is Odd Ball Knitting, which has some interesting projects for using up bits and pieces of yarn, so I'll probably combine those misc. bits into something a bit different.

Yesterday, I read and knitted, plus I went out browsing at various stores but didn't buy anything except a paperback mystery. I still wasn't feeling great but I was really restless. Even though it was more mentally than physically, I just had to move. Since it was rainy & yucky, wandering through Michaels (much smaller yarn selection than AC Moore -- maybe 25% as much......rather disappointing visit to their yarn event), Barnes & Noble, the local mall (didn't even get anything off the clearance rack at Strawbridge's-soon-to-be-Macy's, despite having a coupon for a further 15% off; either great restraint on my part or a sign of just how icky I was feeling), and Target.

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