Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Addictions was down for some maintenance (to improve an already wonderful resource) for a day or so, and I really missed it. Guess I've gotten addicted to (obsessed with?) it. ;-)

Hebrew class went well yesterday evening, although I continie to find myself frustrated by my slow progress with reading the alpeh beis. I get the language concepts (and I need to practice without an English translation available, or I know approximately what it should say) but the decoding is still a slog -- especially the letters near the end of the alphabet and the vowel markings. On the other hand, I don't even want to think about decoding without vowel markings. (So why am I talking about this in a post on addictions? Well, I'm addicted to buying books about learning Hebrew, in the hopes [vain, so far] that the nextbook will be the one that puts me over the hump in reading ease.)

And speaking of other addictions, it looks like we will have our DSL line back up by this time next week, and possibly sooner if the supervisor (first, and so far really only, helpful Verizon employee I've talked to in the almost three weeks this has taken to resolve) can push it along. I'm waaaayyyy behind in all sorts of things (I don't want to contemplate how many emails I need to type to get caught up in answering the bunch sitting in the 'reply needed' folder.)

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