Thursday, November 17, 2005

Revealing my geekhood

OK, so I'm a geek. I freely admit it.In an on-line geek test that made the email list rounds a while back, I scored really high (esp. for someone who got no points for gaming/role-playing.) I love playing with Dreamweaver (website design) and Photoshop. And I'm obsessed with genealogy (among other things).
The highlights of my life recently include taking a Dreamweaver class (when I get the finishing touches on the site I'm developing, I'm sure I'll post the URL here........) and some genealogy related bits:
First, the 1861 Scottish census is now on-line. Found most of the relatives I should have found in it, but overall my searching raised more questions than it answered. (Isn't that always the case, though? Part of what makes it so fun.......)
I also discovered that the National Library of Scotland has digitised many 19th century maps and put them on-line (for free, even!), including the very detailed 1:1000 (approx.) scale maps of many cities (see Scottish maps). So I've been able to find a couple addresses for closes (small little streets, not much more than an tenement building or two in a couple cases of the ones I was looking for).
Now I need to make another trip to Scotland with my new data........[Pics from last trip here.]

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