Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcoming myself back ;-)

[And she cautiously enters, opens the shades, blows the dust off the books, and takes the dustcovers off the comfy chairs.......]

It's been a while, hasn't it? Life gets busy, and I have enough trouble just keeping up with email (email junkie that I am; hello, my name is BJ and I'd addicted.....) without thinking about writing an entry for this. {If only I'd had the sense to argue with the guidance counselor in high school about whether the college-bound needed to take typing -- in those pre-personal computer days, she claimed we didn't need to......One of the worst decisions of my life, as I peck away at 40 words a minute or so.......with many typos to go back and correct!]

So where are we? Well, about where I've been for the last almost year. New job (which I mostly enjoy) started in March, my dad is doing better than I expected dealing with being a widower (lots of photography-related activities occupy some of his time; the downside to that is that he's adding a fourth stack of prints to the three existing ones that are taller than I am), and I'm still torn between my marriage and converting to Judaism (marriage is continuing to win, for the moment........).

I accidentally found myself elected vice president of the local chapter of a professional organization I belong to, so that takes some time (meeting tonight, with the speaker on a topic that looks interesting). [Seriously, I allowed my name on the ballot thinking there was no way I'd win, since I never do.......schmoozing with people ain't one of my strengths. But helping run things is very interesting.]

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