Thursday, November 17, 2005


Word of advice: be careful what you name a pet -- she might live up to her name ;-)
My wee beastie Jezebel is 17 years old, and is a bit of a terror -- a one person cat (and since she met him 9 years ago, that person has been my husband!) with a major attitude problem.
So yesterday, I was good and laid clothes out before I got in the shower. Well, when I got out, the little darling had spit up on (actually, that's not accurate -- she'd covered!) the sweater I'd planned to wear. So I grabbed something else, as I was already running late.
I managed to slip a call to the vet into my busy day, and made the first appointment (in 2 weeks or so) that I wouldn't have to take multiple hours off from work for; it was time for a visit anyway, and this spewing just bumped it higher on the urgency scale.
At 4:10, the vet's office called and said they'd had a cancellation for 5 and could I make it? So I dashed out of work, grabbed her and a stool sample, and walked into the vet's office at 5:02.
While we waited, Jez offered her commentary on the whole process. You'd think her vocal cords would get tired......
Jez is down to 6.1 lbs. (she'd been 7.2 last year, 8.5 the year before; years ago, living in a small Philly apt. she'd been 14 or 15, but went down to 8 to 10 when we moved out to Lancaster and a large mouse-filled old farmhouse), but otherwise nothing is wrong with the dratted beast. Her blood test results were perfect -- in the middle of all the ideal ranges. The vet said that many cats half her age often don't do so well. {The vet's assistant had to clip her back claws to get the sample.......and still ended up scratched -- from Jez's teeth.}
The whole time Jez was in the back while the sample was analyzed, I could hear her discussing the indignity of her situation with the staff -- even though I was on the other side of a couple doors and out in the waiting room.
And to top it off for the poor wee beastie: when we left, it was pouring rain, so she got wet to and from the car.
So she was in a snit (with me; Seth was still ok in her book; she spent the evening as usual, in his lap) all evening. So much for the leftover steak I gave her the other day :-(
Aaahhhh. Tough love.

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Over The Rainbow said...

LOL!! That's hilarious!! Love your blog..can't wait to read more. Glad to see you've joined the rest of us cyber junkies in this new medium...;)