Friday, March 20, 2009

Too early and very much missed!

I'm not big on memorials (pretty much a family trait*.....and I certainly wouldn't pay to put one in the nwspaper, as that would have totally appalled her!).....but......

b. 20 March 1939
d. 8 December 2004

Grief is a funny thing; you think you have a handle on it, then something jumps up and bites you.....

[I am very thankful that Dad has a camera club convention this weekend.....can't think of a better distraction for him grin]

Mum enjoying herself in ME

Mum with the cat that got the canary expression

Mum and Priscilla reading

Mum formal portrait toddler

Mum as flower girl

Mum and Dad at Phoenix Zoo 2004

Mum in AZ knitting

Mum and Dad on ferry to Morocco 1996

Mum and Dad wearing lobster sweaters

Mum Dad and Harvey helping BJ and Seth in Zanesville

Picture 107

* Dad and I discovered a few years asgo that his mother doesn't have a gravestone (his father does); it evidently got overlooked at the time of her death/burial and no one had gone back in the intervening 25 years to notice......

(Edited for typos and the like.....I should not be allowed to do anything before 9:15 a.m. or so.......)

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jj said...

Yes BJ - - and this is precisely why I don't care for tombstones in graveyards. (hardly anyone goes to see them ) I Prefer friendly chatter, visits while we're living --and photo albums!and Letters and Happy memories, after!
Thank you for the pictures -- some of which bring back once more, so many happy memories!
Happy Birthday to your mum - and hugs to you as you grieve -
With Love and Hugs -
Aunt Joni