Sunday, February 01, 2009

So I actually did it....

I spent motzei Shabbos (a.k.a Saturday evening) and a nice chunk of today sorting stash...and only got through what's in the back room and not the bins in the corner of the living room (which are the ones I really want to deal with.....I hate having them in the living room.....). Argh. So guess what I'll be doing evenings this week (well, not Monday – that’s S&B night….) and maybe into next weekend?

It's been a crazy, icky month...... so the cleaning/sorting/destashing is good for me mentally as well in terms of making the apartment less crowded.

So, anyway, I am getting rid of lots..... and some of you, dear readers, will benefit ;-)

I put a name for every commenter on a slip of paper and stuck them in a handmade (knit by me with handspun yarn.....) hat. I did one round with the people in my S&B ('cuz I wanted to make sure at least one of them got something, since I see them twice a month grin), then another drawing with everyone except the S&B round winner.

If I've linked you below, please email me (killearnan at gmail daht cohm) or contact me through either Ravelry (user name the same as here) or Facebook private message if you know me there.

What I'll need to know: your name and address and your preferred colors and fibers (and if there are any fibers you are allergic to, so I can avoid sending them).

No guarantees that I'll be able to completely accommodate all color/fiber requests, but I'll do my very best. If I send something you hate, I apologize - and hope that you can swap it for something better or use it for gift or charity knitting ;-)

I hope to send packages out by early next week (allowing for time for all of you to email me, and for me to work out who gets what.....).

My S&B winner: Rosie (will you be there tomorrow? If so, I'll bring yours.....)


JenniferQKW (no blog linked....emailed)





Phillyfarmgirl (and, yes, this was random.... no good friend preference! But I'll likely hand deliver yours, holding it hostage for a get-together..... grin)


Nicole said...

I do believe Rosie will be at S&B will be at knitting. That is what she told me this weekend. Hope to see you there.

Jenny Girl said...

Congrats to everyone and thank you so very much!

Rosie said...

Whooo-hoooo! OK you've given motivation to get there!! Thanks so much. See you soon.

Turtle said...

wow how completely generous of you! This will be so fun getting a fibery "grab bag" suprise in the mail!!

Marlyn said...

Yes, you are VERY generous!
Thank you!

I will email you interview questions in the next couple of days. Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

oh thanks bunches! will e soon! yipee!

i de-stashed to a local charity project in november and promptly re-stashed from a lys.

but i have been knitting a lot!