Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So... 200 posts

When I logged in to work on a post that is still languishing in draft limbo (why don't the pixels arrange themselves into the way the thoughts are in my head?), way too early this morning (as in at 4:15 a.m.! Woke up and couldn't get back to sleep....), I noticed that I had 199 posts.

So this is number 200, if Blogger's computer has counted correctly (no, I haven't gone back and counted..... I'm not that compulsive!).

Seems like a fair number but it's been done in just over 3 years, so it's really only a bit more than a post a week. Yeah, I tend to be the shy introvert in the corner.......

However, I feel a bit of a need to celebrate. After all, I'm home from work and it is still light outside! (Side note: candle lighting at 5:26!!! this week..... more than an hour later than a couple months ago. Don't need to leave work early to get to shul so I'm much calmer -- meaning I can daven more intently.....yippee!)

So I'm going to give away some more yarn. Not sure yet what it will be but I'll try to not disappoint you ;-)

Same thing as before.... comment on any post between now and the end of the month. I'll choose a name from a hat on the 1st and send some yarn (and/or roving, if that's what you are into) to you (or a loved one if you don't knit/crochet......instant easy present grin). One slightly different bit this time: two slips into the hat with your name if you comment on actual post content, with one slip for just saying something like 'put me in.' (My judgement is final on which is which..... My game.... my rules grin )

Please - like with the last contest, I really want to aim this at the people who've been reading my blog, as I know that several dozen do from the stats report I get. So - if you are going to post about this elsewhere, please, please do me the common courtesy of at least letting me know before you do it - and asking would be better..... I can be found at the name of this blog (the first part of the URL) at gmail daht cahm. If you've come from such a posting elsewhere, I'll still gladly add your name to the hat, but - and maybe I'm old-fashioned on this - if you are going to post about this in a list of other such activities, notice to me before posting seems reasonable. Thanks!

[As a side note: if you came here first from a previous posting elsewhere about the last such bit I did and you've stayed to read, I am very, very glad you are here! Ceud mile fàilte! Pull up a chair and stay a while. If I could hand you a cup of tea and a homemade cookie through the 'Toobz, I'd be right on it! ]

If you have yarn on its way to you, feel free to try again.....And, yes, I will ship overseas, so don't let that hold you back. Only person not eligible: Seth (unless he designates someone other than me to receive it.... the point is to get it out of this apartment).

Off to drool over the Loopy Ewe a bit more..... still haven't decided what to get with that gift certificate from my (undoubtedly wonderful!) SP13 spoiler......choosing the yarn is going to take me as long as knitting it will ;-)


Nicole said...

Wow! More destashing. Hopefully you are getting organized in the process which will make you feel better. 200 posts that is more than I have. You do blog way more than I do. Glad to hear that your feeling better.

Rosie said...

I too think 200 posts are an admirable number. Especially since I have NO blog at all!

Enjoy the calmer start to you day and I'll see you tonight!

Jenny Girl said...

Congratulations! It's amazing how quickly those numbers add up, isn't it. Hope you meet lots of new friends :)

Jane said...

After the package I received from you this morning - I really have to exempt myself from this contest! But, I do want to congratulate you on your 200 posts.
I've sent you a PM - but want everyone to know how generous you are - Thank you for the wonderful package of yarn!!!!!

JenniferQKW said...

Pecos and I were so excited to see our package! I thought he was interested in the yarn, but the silly kitteh wanted the package itself, and his treats!

The yarn is all beautiful and I already have thoughts about projects!

Congratulations on 200 posts!

BJ said...

Rosie - I hoped you had a good S&B last night ;-)

Jane - Glad you liked it!

Jennifer - Couldn't leave Pecos out, could I? And you said you liked pink, so pink you got ;-)

RoamingKnitter said...

Congrats on 200 posts. I am far behind the one-a-week rate. More like 2 a month. You inspire me to post more often.