Friday, January 16, 2009


Winter colds. That won't go away.


Ten days.


Not quite sick enough to just curl up and sleep all day. But tired, lethargic, and fuzzy-headed. Complete lack of motivation for just about everything......


Go away already.


Edited to add: Did decide to stay home today after all. Slept most of the day. Glad for the invention of cold medicines. And Miss Marple movies ;-) Even the less-than-faithful-to-the books most recent version.......


robin said...

Sorry about the cold. Jim has the same thing - he tends to get sick every year around this time, on his birthday. I am trying like heck not to catch the same thing - loading up on Vitamin C, etc. Hope yours goes away soon!

Turtle said...

just go curl up and wake up when its gone.

Elaine said...

Feel better soon. Today was so cold and unappealing, it would have been great to stay inside and curl up with a movie. I think tomorrow is going to be the same here.

kelly said...

I can so sympathize... I'm ready for warm weather