Saturday, December 06, 2008

When Seth's away.....

...... the cat plays - or at least she clings to me ;-)

She's decided that (if her favorite lap isn't home....) she will sleep on me - whether it's convenient for me or not.....

And if I'm not home? She'll sleep on the computer, if I forget to close the cover. This time of year, Friday is a bit crazy, with Shabbat starting so early. Since Seth wasn't home yesterday morning, in addition to regular Friday morning stuff (done before work, as I don't have time to stop at home before services), I took the time to feed Jez and such - so I managed to leave the computer open and on. She must have slept on it while I was out yesterday, as when I came over to my desk after Shabbat, there were multiple (like a couple dozen) Firefox windows open - and I was signed into AIM ;-)

The upside of an older cat? When she sleeps on me to keep herself warm while I'm knitting, she shows no interest in the yarn..... ignores it completely.

Otherwise, I had a nice Shabbat - started a new book and re-read an old favorite.

I did go to services Friday night, having debated whether I would (I was tired, and it's a long drive, and traffic was heavy, and I wasn't feeling great......). Attendance was light because of a national conference, but - as usual when I decide to go despite not being sure the hassle of getting there is worth it - it definitely was. So I was glad I went - and that happens often enough that it figured into the decision to go ;-) Need it most when I want it least......

Speaking of such things, I'm still a little disconcerted by the new synangogue building - it's just so much like the church I grew up attending...although the resemblance is a little less as the synagogue has replaced the wooden pews originally there with chairs. The pictures I've found don't show just how similar the feel is....still finding it a bit distracting if I let it be ;-)

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