Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanksgiving leftovers

Bits & pieces.....

1) It's very nice to have a cousin who is an aftercare coordinator for a VNA - she can be reassuring and informative about what's going on with Dad -- and let me know what questions I should be asking. (Since I'm Dad's health care proxy, I do try to stay on top of what's going on.)

2) Seth's away for the weekend. Yippee and boo. Like the peace/quiet/time alone but also kinda sorta almost miss his presence ;-)

3) In anticipation of next week's surgery, I'm not supposed to lift anything over about 10 pounds. That's not much....and it's really cramping what I'd like to do (sort my stash and organize it, or alternately, add more books to LibraryThing) this weekend.....

4) December is my least favorite month. Short days (why can't we stay on daylight savings time all year? Really dislike getting home from work in the dark......). Crowded shops (I avoid them as much as I can, but we do occasionally need cat food). Icky traffic getting to the library (it's on the ring road around the local mall......). Anniversary of Mum's death (really yucky -- I'm not big into stuff like that, but this one still hurts....)

5) Knitting is good for my sanity.

6) Some good books (biography-ish division):
Sea Captain's Wife
My Cousin the Saint
Ghost Map
The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton

6a) More good books (non-biography-ish):
Talking Hands
Free Range Knitter
It's All Too Much
The Home We Build Together (ok, just starting this, but I've enjoyed everything else by him I've read - and his weekly commentary on the parsha is the one I make sure to make time for.....)
Continuous Cables

6b) But I like old favorites, too..... Decided to read along with the current LordPeter read-through of the corpus (havign not really done the last one), so just finished re-reading Clouds of Witness yesterday evening. Also re-read Henrietta Who in the same sitting. Nice easy comfort reads ;-)

7) Lobster prices are way down - $6.99 a pound for hard shells at Wegman's today. Fortunately for the kashrut status of my kitchen, they were sold out (except for one {not moving} critter on ice, not in water.....) when I got there.

8) The invention of the Internet would have been worth it for Ravelry and LibraryThing alone.

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