Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nice -- well, kinda....

A couple new paperback books. Nice.

Two packages on the doorstep when I got home (one a Hanukah swap - think I'll make it 10 days before opening it? Yeah, me neither - and the other a little somethign from a friend, to be opened no sooner than tomorrow evening). Nice.

A new book from an author I like (whose talk last night, in lieu of my regular Hebrew class, which had been canceled so all of us could go hear Rabbi Aaron, was excellent and inspiring). Nice.

A new set of Star Trek DVDs (a bunch of alternate reality episodes). Nice.

A (purple!) lap desk to use for writing the holiday cards that I'll get out almost on schedule this year. Nice.

Good chocolate and some fancy tea. Nice.

A ride to the Chesco knitting group holiday party (I even get to share the car with an adorable baby!). Very nice.

Some new yarn to play with, bought last Sunday on a visit with two of the best friends a person could want. Nice.

A clingy cat to cuddle with. OK.

A quiet weekend mostly at home. Nice.

A quiet weekend mostly at home recovering from a minor operation Friday. Not so nice.

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