Sunday, December 14, 2008

Going well.....and thanks!

My recovery is going well. Not being able to lift anything is driving me nuts - when I can't do anything about it, I see all the clutter and other stuff I want to deal with. Ugh.

I have some great friends..... from last week, when I needed some cheering up, these two went to a yarn shop and a nice vegetarian/kosher Chinese restaurant with me:

Another friend sent me an adorable little purple teddy bear as a get well wish....While I'm not really a stuffed animal person, this one is adorable.

I did give in on the Chnaukah swap package - opened it as soon as Shabbat was over. Had planned on waiting but decided that I'd forego the delayed gratification and treat it as a combined Chanukah/post-op delight. It included some Kidsilk Haze in a very nice maroon, clear bead stitch markers, a berry-scented soap in the shape of a popsicle (neat idea!), a good thoughts book (again, not my normal style, but this one looks good! and with everything going on in my life, a good book to have over the next couple weeks), some Chanukah gelt (yummy!), some tea (already opened - delicious), a little knitted sweater charm, some Burt's Bees lip balm, and then the bit that has my fingers itching - some absolutely gorgeous purple yarn from Dragonfibers....... The tempation to put aside the current projects and start something with this is soooooo great right now - but I've told myself it needs to wait until Chanuakh. I'm thinking I'll start something with it on the 3rd night (as that's the anniversary of Mum dying by the Hebrew calendar.....and she'd approve of my getting some delayed gratification in somehow.....).
Then there's the cat....she doesn't get that the no lifting rule applies to her (anyone able to translate the post-op instructions to felinese for me?), and she still tries to use the computer as a heating pad......


Philly Farmgirl said...

Ok, so you have a whole week of this ahead of you? Oy vey lady, know, you are so well organized that you made surgery sound like just another thing on your to-do list! Now i am sitting here thinking, "What is she going to do?!" OK, yarn is light and needles are light. Jezzie is just going to have to understand, although as long as Seth is there, she will more than likely ignore you anyway. I hope you are feeling well! You are just too amazing for your own good somtimes. (((HUGS)))

BJ said...

Just the weekend - back at work today. The computer chair was the most comfortable (least uncomfortable?) place to be over the weekend, so I figured I might as well get paid for sitting at a computer and pushing pixels around ;-)

Besides, have you seen what Percocet can do to lace knitting?