Friday, November 28, 2008

Wanna join us?

We've got room..... see Shabbat table pictures below. I can always add more settings - and ther's plenty of (almost kosher) food. I don't often get to do a Shabbat table up fancy myself (I tend to go to services and someone's house...) so I'm glad for the chance to have fun with it.

Sneaking one last post in before I sign of for Shabbat.....

With yesterday being Thanksgiving (and an SP13 prompt as well.....), I've been thinking a fair bit about what I'm thankful for. The biggest one is all the wonderful people I've met in my life - as painful as Mum dying young was, it helped to know how many nice people she knew....

And with the news this week of Aunt Pat dying, I had a similar thought -- that it was a privilege to have known her.

Then I set the table for this evening - with dishes a friend gave me. A child of the 1970s, I'd always wanted a set of Pfaltzgraf (as at least one older cousin had a set when she got married), but I had never sprung for one - but she gave most of a set, which I've supplemented a bit from thrift stores. Thanks, Ann - you don't know how much I appreciate your generosity!

In the background in one of these pictures is our wedding certificate (the traditional Quaker type, where everyone at the wedding signs it) - filled with the signatures of lots more people I've had the honor of knowing. Some of since died, others grown up from the childish printing they used 11.5 years ago, and a couple I've lost touch with for whatever reason - but they all had a positive influence on my life.

Yup, I'm thankful for there being so many wonderful people in my life!

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