Sunday, November 30, 2008

How I spent yesterday ;-)

Yup, I watched Dad take pictures out in Lancaster County. He says he didn't get anything decent but we know how seriously to take that, right?

The next time a LYS employee mentions that Dad waits patiently (for all of 15 or 20 minutes.....) when I browse the wool selections, I will refer him/her to this post.

Motzei Shabbat, we met a cousin, her husband, and her daughter, starting with beers (except for the underage daughter, who had root beer; Rebeckah and I had Guiness, while Dad and Terry had paler beers) at a sports bar, then proceeded on to a very good vegetarian Indian buffet as soon as it opened. Very yummy! This was followed by a stop at the Chester County Book Company (a local independent bookshop with a wide selection of goodies, a few of which did come home with me - yeah, I know, big surprise there, huh?) and then a Miss Marple DVD while curled up with tea, trifle and the cat.

Today, I bundled Dad into the car and headed south, as we were meeting Ted and Kristin in DE, so I could pass Dad off for his return to the airport tomorrow. Had a very small brunch at a nice health food/organic oriented place (as they had lots of choices for the veggie brother). Ted was a good sport about the little teddy bear with golf club figurine that I'd found at a gift shop ;-)

After Dad was safely in Ted's care, I did a coulple errands and then headed for a Korean restaurant, where I met a fellow knitter/Dorothy L. Sayers lister (Miss de Vine, for those on LordPeter). An enjoyable lunch, followed by a stop at my (just about) favorite yarn shop for knitting, chatting, and yarn fondling.

So, a few more pictures to finish off the post:
The Amish farm Dad was taking pictures of in the first picture above - on a road with no power lines, much to his delight!

Inside of the meetinghouse (unusual for the era - no partition for separate men's and women's seating) - experimenting with the 'through glass' setting on camera, plus a shot of the exterior:

Ted, Dad, and Kristin at the cafe in DE this morning:

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Paula Berman said...

Wish I could have been at the lunch! (I will be in Philadelphia next August, but between my brother's wedding and a possible gathering of old school friends am not sure if I have any free time. I have a fantasy of sometime renting a big old house somewhere in PA/NJ/northern DE for a few days and inviting friends from NY (or even MA) through DC just stop in and hang out / stay as convenient for them.)

APG / Dichroic / Paula