Friday, November 28, 2008

More day off fun.....

I think I'd be a very dangerous (a.k.a. voluminous) blogger if I didn't have that pesky distraction of a job......

The challah after baking:

My Scottish kugel (called that 'cuz there's oats in there.....). And that sounds better than 'clean out the fridge' veggie kugel. It's in a Bundt pan but I'm not sure it will have quite enough structural integrity to hold its form for serving. We'll see....:

Tonight's menu:
'Italian' chicken (crockpot chicken done in stewed tomatoes, with lots of basil and oregano added)
'Scottish' kugel (a.k.a. noodle casserole with veggies and oats)
broccoli/carrot slaw
green beans
avocado/tomato salad

One nice thing about Dad being here: he likes good food. Seth can't tell the difference between a budget tv dinner and something I spend all day on (or - if he can - he doesn't care enough to actually notice.....), so having an appreciative audience is a really nice change.

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