Saturday, October 25, 2008

Right, right, right

I'm in Buffalo for the weekend, dealing with Dad, his health issues, and misc. stuff around the new condo. No real/fianl answers on his health stuff - just the usual getitng close to 80, with a bad heart, bad kidney, bad knee, and rare blood disorder..... but he's better than he was early in the week, so that's good.

Ted and I are soooooo happy he's come back to a palce without stairs - much less worrying!

It was late enough when I got here yesterday, I spent the last few miles repeating "right, right, right" to myself, as a reminder to turn right instead of left when I got off the expressway, as the new condo is the same exit as the old house..... didn't want to waste time going the wrong way out of habit ;-)

He's home now from the hospital, so we're trying to get him to supervise putting all the artwork he's collected in his life (we estimate it could fill 3 good-sized houses or so) in a 2BR condo but he's more interested in the political coverage on CNN.

An as the twig is bent, so the child is warped funny bit: Dad now has cable TV as part of his condo deal. He'd never had it before, on principle. Neither of his kids has it yet..... ted and I may be worlds apart on some things (religously, for example) but we are definitely alike (and our parents' children......) in others.

I think I'd gotten used to Mum not being at the old house. Here, I keep turning around to ask how she wants something done.....hard to believe it's been almost 4 years. She would have loved decorating here, as she and I both get itchy fingers for places like this.

I don't normally shop on Saturday but kivod av and all that, so I made a Wegman's trip this afternoon....was it ever crowded! I'd forgotten how bad Saturday can get at shops ;-) And checking the sodium, potassium, and everything else on what I was getting slowed the process even more...... But Dad now has a good week to 10 days of decent food in the pantry and fridge..... and he's getting fresh shortbread, too ;-) Gotta keep him happy [he's a pretty special guy -- and, no, Yael and Chaviva - you can't have him... he's my dad..... but I'll share {grin}]......and it's not quite time for trifle yet. Next month, I'll get out the trifle bowl ;-) and make a nice low sodium/low potassium dessert for him.

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Philly Farmgirl said...

Looks like he's is settling in quite well. Thanks so much for sharing him with us. Heard the GREATEST story about your dad about a conversation with R. Garfinkel at the wedding. Shows why he is so darn special and why we love him so! Have a safe journey home and send him our love and best wishes for a refuah sheleimah!