Saturday, October 27, 2007

Three weeks, three men....

No, not risqué.....two weeks ago, I was in DC with my brother watching the Sox play. Last week, it was with my dad in a hotel on the way to Rhinebeck, and tonight it is at home with my husband (watching him is almost as fun as watching the game - despite his stated stand against sports, he does watch with me and he gets quite involved.........).

Right now, it is 6-0 in favor of the Sox on Game 3.

Yippee from this 4th generation Sox fan (although Mum evidently flirted with the Boston Braves when she was younger - but she saw the light by the time I was around........).

Some of my happiest childhood memories are listening to the Sox on the radio on summer nights in Maine. We didn't have a tv up there until I was 22 (when dad decided that his childrens' characters were already built and, anyway, he wanted to watch the presidential conventions), so radio was the way to go.

Go Sox!

(Note, however, that I'm not a Patriots or Bruins fan; my loyalties in those sports -- the Bills and the Sabres -- reflect the WNY part of my childhood.......likely because we weren't in ME during those seasons and/or because Buffalo doesn't have a major league baseball team. And in my sports hierarchy, hockey way outpaces baseball or football..................)

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