Saturday, October 27, 2007

A second day in civilization

Last Sunday, we once again headed into civilization (being east of the Hudson, in Mum's world view), to go to the New York State Sheep & Wool show, commonly called Rhinebeck by fiberaholics.

The color in the Hudson Valley wasn't as dramatic as we'd thought it might be - there were whole hillsides that were still green (and a deciduous green, not evergreen.......) but the scenery was still pretty.

We got to Rhinebeck just about as the fairgrounds were opening. It was a perfect day for such adventures - clear blue sky, somewhere between cool and warm but definitely comfortable.

And the fiber...... all sorts of it, all over the place.

Dad had a good time - taking pictures, watching a juggler, and sitting on a bench with a bunch of other men waiting for assorted female relations:

Yes, I bought some fiber (Did you really expect anything else?). Pictures of purchases and more general Rhinebeck pictures are in this Flickr set.

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