Sunday, September 17, 2006


Is it really already time for Rosh Hashanah? Seems like it was just Shavous.........Time flies when you are busy, having fun, and/or are in Maine ;-) I did get to services this week -- edifying as usual.

My knitting is moving along. I've decided it really like this pattern for a little girl's dress, so I'm making it for a little girl I know. I also have half a dozen other projects on the needles that I pick up as my whim leads me.

Went into work today, which meant I got lots done, as the phone didn't ring and I was the only one there...... so I'm not quite as behind as usual.

One reason I went in today is that I'm making an unexpected trip next week to my dad's, as he is having an insertable cardiovertor/defibriallator put in, which means they get to play around with his medications (which is a danger itself). Dad would make it complicated, though -- all his previous surgery has been at Buffalo General, with all of Mum's cancer treatment having been at Roswell Park, just across the street, all of which is a couple blocks from where I went to high school. So I know my way around the neighborhood and where to park and the best places to grab a quick snack and......... But, no, Dad has to go and have this surgery at a different hospital, that I've never been to (only seen the tower from the expressway.....). Just to make things difficult, I'm sure.

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knit_knot said...

I did a little shopping tonight! Yummy....