Thursday, July 06, 2006

In, darn spot, in!

Monday evening, Dad meandered through the kitchen, and lifted the lid on what he thought was his supper……but it was (in his words) funny spaghetti.

Yup, I’ve discovered the joy of dying my own yarn! Easy and fun. Of course, I could just about hear Seth roll his eyes when I told him I’d found another new hobby when he called yesterday evening. I took lots more pictures (of this and subsequent attempts, with Kool-Aid and then with food coloring & vinegar when I ran out of Kool-Aid before I ran out of yarn!) but they will need to wait until I have more than a dial-up connection from a little shack in the woods.

I also knit a purse this week, which I then used for my first foray into felting.(Talk about an act of faith -- throwing something wool you've knit into the washer......with hot water! Yeah, it's one of those small everyday versions, but still an act of faith..........) Picture when I’m back to the world of DSL connections.

Overall, vacation is going very well. We went to the Maine Wildlife Park on Monday, as it was on the route to a yarn shop with a 25% off sale. On Tuesday, we went to a BBQ at the neighbors', which was a great way to spend the afternoon – nice people, good food, and a sneak peak at the new place they are building (a massive log cabin – it is the logs that are massive; the cabin is nicely sized – enough room for them without being too much to clean and/or heat!).

Otherwise, I've been hanging out at the cottage......knitting, reading, swimming a bit (not as much fun without Mum here to share), and generally relaxing. Just what a vacation should be.

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