Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nice send-off

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I'd been debating what to take to knit. When I got home tonight, there was a package on the counter (my wonderful husband has brought it in....) from my secret pal. Problem solved! What she sent:

The laceweight yarn is perfect: almost 1000 yards, soft and a wonderful color. It will certainly keep me busy the week I'm gone ;-) And the book looks wonderful. I've had it in my hands/on-line cart more than once and not given in, so I've really glad to have it now.

And I love the note pad with the cover that looks like a library due date card. Wonderful! As is the handmade bookmark........

And I expect that I'll figure out something to do with the box of chocolate, if I think hard enough ;-)

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