Thursday, March 09, 2006

a slight eBay disappointment

Overall, I've been really happy with my yarn purchases through eBay, although I wondered at first about not being able to feel/touch the yarn before buying, as feel is very important to my enjoyment of knitting (at least as much as the actual finished product).

Got a package of wonderful wool yesterday from Uruguay -- very soft and it is supposed to felt well. My intention was to use it to make matching bags for a cousin (favorite color purple) and her daughter (favorite color pink) based on the picture for the listing:

But this is what came:

Still very nice but definitely a rusty maroon rather than from the pink/purple family.....and not sign of the just barely off-white section just below the middle of the auction picture (the bit of lighter beige in the top-most skein isn't enough -- I did try wrapping the skeins to see).

It really is nice yarn, and I'll find a good use for it -- just not my original project, for which I'll need to buy some other yarn. Poor me - having to go search for more yarn. Life is tough, I realize. {tongue very firmly in cheek.....}

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