Friday, March 10, 2006

And another week comes to an end.....

Some weeks, all that gets me through is knowing that (eventually!) Shabbat will come. This is definitely one of those weeks.......Busy at work (and next week promising to be just as bad), and evenings full. Even though the evening events are fun and (generally) enjoyable/refreshing/interesting, having too many of them clustered together can have me doing a very good headless chicken routine.... and not doing cleaning etc. at home. At least the weather should be nice enough to air the apartment out.

Last night's event was the always enjoyable Philly 'Burbs Stich & Bitch. (And yes, I'll use the term despite that NYC sewing store and the brouhaha it has caused....) Finished the first square I commited to for Project Linus and made considerable progress on the bamboo yarn scarf.

Did manage to take a day a couple weeks ago and journey out to Lancaster to do the rounds of thrift and yarn stores. It was both very nice and a bit strange to go to some of my old haunts again. I can still easily see why Anabaptism appealed to me, and there's still a decided tug when I'm out there, yet I know I'm much happier/more content/healthier now ;-)

Nice yarn store has opened in Morgantown, in the old farmhouse that used to be the Re-Uzit shop (which has now moved a couple hundred yards west into a former Mennonite meetinghouse, that congregation having built a much mroe elaborate building next door). The New Holland Re-Uzit has expanded considerably since I'd last been there, and it was having a very good sale -- certain tag colors $1/item. Got some things for myself and a few other things that were too nice to pass up at that price . (Yes, Yael, that means we need to get together in real life instead of just exchanging emails and voicemails.)

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