Thursday, December 15, 2005

A frightening admission.......

I went to Borders yesterday and got five books (two hardcover, three trade paperback), using my Borders Rewards card. And the scary thing is....... I still have rewards left, enough for another trade paperback.
On Tuesday, I had stopped at Barnes & Noble (anyone notice a theme of what stores I'm willing to get near in the materialistic frenzy that the last month of the year is?), where the musical selections were making an attempt at multi-cultural sensitivity: equal numbers of religious and secular Christmas songs (religious = Silent Night, secular = Frosty and Rudolph), mixed with some foreign language Christmas songs (O Tannenbaum and Adeste Fideles; another frightening realization is that I still know the words to both of those, remember from high school language classes), mixed with a dreidl song and something about Kwanzaa.
Yesterday's lecture by a rabbi from Aish's Jerusalem center was very good. My friend to be named later (literally; she has a name that just won't work after she converts......) met me there. Always good to see her, and very nice to have company at such events, given how shy/awkward I tend to feel in social situations. I certainly got a lot from it (the topic was what do we mean by God and what practical difference does that belief make?), and I think she did as well.
On a work note: I thought finding appealing photos of baked beans was hard. But rice is turning out to be just about as difficult. (Among many other things, I do a monthly newsletter about healthy foods.)

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