Thursday, December 29, 2005

Busy week

It has been a busy week..... and to top it off, we are having phone/DSL line problems, so my 'Net access is currently limited to snatched times at work or the library. Boo-hoo :-(

Went to services last Friday (Dad sat at Starbucks & read while I davened), then we had dinner with friends, their son, and a friend of the son. It was very nice; they're in the process of moving into a house that in many ways has the same feel as the house I grew up in.

Puttered on Saturday, getting ready for our mishmash of a Hanukah/Christmas celebration. (I do Hanukah but Dad and to a lesser extent brother Ted still do Christmas; conservative neo-Wilburite husband Seth would prefer to ignore what he sees as the whole winter solstice business, as Friends traditionally did not celebrate 'holy days' since they read the Christian Bible as forbidding esteeming one day over another -- all days are equally holy.)

I got a bit weepy-eyed as I was wrapping stocking presents, as at one point when I was running out of steam (having wrpaped multiple toothpastes, chapsticks, and dental flosses), I made a comment to Dad that I hadn't gotten him much. His reply was that he has everything he needs except a wife, and that I can't do much about that.........

On Sunday, the synagogue I attend had a family movie day, with Chinese food from the new kosher place in Bala/Merion (very good) and a family-friendly movie (skipped). My friend to be named later met me at the event and followed me back to my apartment, where we had dinner (a simple meal by my holiday standards; she liked the trifle, and I was a good enough friend that I actually let her take some home........) and opened presents (which she hadn't expected, so I'm glad we managed to surprise her).

Monday, Seth worked, and Dad, Ted and I had a quiet day, with Ted leaving after lunch to go home. Dad left on Tuesday, and with our home internet tempermental, Seth and I went to see Syriana in the evening. I'd already seen it, but it was the movie he was the most interested in seeing, so I didn't mind going again -- it was nice to spend time with him alone after having company.

Last night, I went with some friends to see Brokeback Mountain (go see it!! Amazingly well done; gets my vote as one of the top three movies of the year, along with Good Night, and Good Luck and Ushpizin, with Syriana a close fourth).

The phone call I've been typing through is over, so back to work.

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