Friday, November 18, 2005

Last night's presentation

The presentation I went to last night was really interesting -- about how new technologies are successfully (or not.....) introduced. The focus was on corporate environments but there were also general population examples (such as videophones vs. cell phones with included cameras).
One of the most interesting points was the difference in motivating factors between pioneers/early adopters and mainstream users. Early adopters are intrigued by the possibilities inherent in the technology and know what they will use the new technology for when it is acquired (pioneers tend to want things just because they are cool, and may not know what useful purpose it will serve), while mainstream users just want to get their job done (even if the job is watching their favorite movie.....).
One side point the speaker made: the peak of hype/inflated expectations often comes when a new technology is profiled in airline magazines -- because that's when CEOs read about it and decide it will solve all their company's problems.........
I think I tend to be an early adopter (budget allowing, of course!). I love new and different gadgets (much more than my husband, who is sometimes so un-guy-like that I'm still surprised by it after 8.5 years of being married). But I'm not a pioneer -- I still want to know what I'll use it for before I buy it.

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