Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quick update/thanks!

Dad's still here, so I've been just a wee bit busy, but I wanted to get a big THANKS in..... my SP13 spoiler sent such a wonderful package that I'm taking advantage of Dad's absorption in a football game to post ;-)

A nice mug (love the colors! and it's big enough for a decent cup of tea), a neckwarmer, a mystery I haven't read yet (excellent choice! and hard to find not yet read ones, too.....I'm impressed!), and some wonderful yarn....I love Fiddlesticks yarn! The color is absolutely wonderful. Oh, and Yiddish poetry magnets to go with the book lover and cat lover sets I already have. (OK, so it's not like I have room on the fridge for it..... but maybe the filing cabinet next to the computer... yeah, that would work.....)

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