Thursday, September 18, 2008

And we're back....

Life has been hectic for the last few weeks. But it's been good, too.

Trip to Maine (yeah) even though it means dial-up exile (boo!). Didn't take many pictures to share because I mostly stayed around the Point. Had friends over for our annual end of summer BBQ Labor Day weekend, which was great. I also dyed a bunch of yarn; I'll post pictures at some point.

Went to Buffalo last weekend to help Dad on stuff at the new condo. We're incredibly relieved that he's moved, and to a place with no stairs. Now we just need to finish unpacking books......maybe by this time next year ;-)

I've been knitting on a couple secret projects and finished a couple baby sweaters that I gave away before getting the camera out. The weather here has started to get reasonable in terms of temperature, so I'm hoping to get the dye pot out again, and maybe even the soap making stuff.

Life is good.

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