Thursday, September 06, 2007

One more picture

Aunt Joni, this is for you -- so you can see that your older brother is still getting around, despite the fall down the cellar stairs........

Took this last week at Five Islands, a place in ME on the waterfront that sells lobster and various other seafoods. We'd been to the Portland art museum to see a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit, then to a brew pub for lunch (Ted was with us), then to Reid State Park after a couple of yarn shops (see previous post.........). At Reid and Five Islands, Dad grumbled that he was sure he hadn't gotten any good pictures -- but by Saturday he was printing away ;-)

Yup, that camera provides a good incentive for keeping going.

Oh....and Aunt Joni, despite what Dad may have said, we did let him do a bit more than just pack his clothes in preparation for leaving Maine. In fact, we made him do the laundry while we took the boat out of the water, pulled the dock, put up windows boards, stashed Mum's 'gravestone' in the cellar, and everything else required for closing up. And we cleaned the fridge....both in ME before we left and in Buffalo when we got there.......

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