Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Four Nights, Four Beds

Not quite as risqué as it sounds......but I will manage 4 different beds in 4 nights.

Saturday night, I slept in the new room of the cabin at the Point. (NB: the new room was built in 1977, but it is the newest room in the cabin, so we still call it that......)

Sunday night, we'd closed the cabin, so I slept in the back bedroom of the cottage. The most risqué bit of the post: I went in skinny-dipping (after dark, alone in out isolated corner of the lake) as a final goodbye to summer).

Monday, we did the final closing of the cottage and drove Dad the 10.5 hours or so to Buffalo (a precaution after the tumble down the cellar stairs that he mistook for the washroom one night -- the doors are next to each other, although at a 90 deg. angle -- and the resulting 10 days at the Maine Medical Center, including some short-term dialysis for an injured kidney). So I slept in what had been my childhood bedroom, although my perfect little girl pink canopy bed is long gone, my parents having replaced the by-then-falling-apart twin bed with a double futon when I got married.

Tonight, after driving the 6.5+ hours back to the Philly 'burbs, I will sleep in my own bed. I'm really looking forward to it......but really sad about having left Maine for the year. [pout, whine, pout]

More tomorrow about my various travels through Murphy'sLawLand and my vacation yarn purchases (since vacation yarn, like sock yarn, doesn't count, right?).

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Nicole said...

Glad to here your home safe and sound!