Monday, May 07, 2007


Went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool show today. (Oops......yesterday. Started post and didn't hit publish..........).

As always, overwhelming. No other word for it (well, maybe wonderful.) More yarn than you can imagine -- and then there's the roving, and the fleeces, and the live sheep and alpacas, and the baskets, and the other knitting supplies, and all the knitted things people are wearing...........Major brain overload.

More tomorrow.

Edited to add before hitting publish: Had a major fiber hangover today. Got home late enough and I was tired enough yesterday that not only did I not hit publish but I went to sleep early and didn't get to play with the goodies. So I went to work today and spent the day with fingers itching to fondle yarn and start on the pictures I have in my head. Had Chesco SnB tonight, with show & tell from everyone who went. So more fibery goodness. Now I just need to get enough sleep to get ready for next week's trip to Minneapolis......which I haven't thought much about at all, other than the plane & hotel reservations. Not how I like to travel. Don't even have a map yet......

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Kerry said...

Can't wait to see what followed you home!