Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reconnected... and it feels so good ;-)

After multiple phone calls, with people who were so script-driven in their suggestions that it was driving me crazy (if I've turned the modem off & on 17 times, I'm guessing doing it an 18th time while doing nothing else won't work, either.........), I think I have a stable connection back.

Lots to catch up on, but here's a rundown of the highlights:
-- the final secret pal 9 package came a few days ago. Picture and details as soon as I find the camera. (I spent lots of time while not connected cleaning...... lots of things I can't find now.....hoping the camera and my favorite scissors both turn up soon!)

-- Dad's doing well after the accident, but...... he's been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome. We'll know more (we hope) after the next couple medical appointments. From the little I've read, it doesn't seem good, but I'm trying to be optimistic.

-- If you want to move to Israel, it helps to invite me for Shabbat lots. Seriously...... there have been 3 families that I've routinely had Shabbat/chagim meals with over the last three years; 2 have already moved to Israel and the third is planning to move this summer. When I get ther , at least I'll have lots of people to show me around ;-)

-- With the lack of stable connection, I've started work on getting ready to have an etsy shop. Nothing there yet (where is that camera?) but the dyed yarns are all lined up to be posted soon. I'll likely also post to the blog I've started to chronicle playing with yarn.

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