Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On the first night of Hanukah my SP sent to me......

So I left you, dear readers, with a picture of the little subpackages my SP spoiler sent to me, with one for each night of Hanukah and my intention to delay gratification and open the gifts as intended. So, on the first night, I chose to 'open' the socks, as they were unwrapped (a childhood trick, to open the obvious gifts first, plus that avoided the whole issue of whether I was receiving a gift on Shabbat).

On the second night (after sorta re-sorting from the shuffling done in transit), I opened the next gift, a cute ceramic box:

On the third night, I got a skein of yarn - purple and teal. Just right for me ;-)

On the fourth night, I opened a cute little sheep figurine -- I tried and tried to get a photo but they were all too fuzzy to see the light of day :-(

On the fifth night (yesterday), which many people add a bit to as it is the '
darkest night,' I decided to go ahead and open the remianing gifts, as I'm going to my knitting group tomorrow and the last (8th) night is Shabbat again, when I'm likely to not be home, either.

Yummy! Wonderful........
So much goodness it is hard to know where to start. Two different notepads, some homemade soap (smells wonderful! even through my still stuffed-up nose), a blueberry candle (also a great aroma!), a mystery to read, some stichholders, a tube of lotion, and some more yarn. Yup, my SP9 spoiler is defintiely spoiling me ;-)

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